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Human being is a social as well as biological entity. Therefore, when explaining how personality is formed, cultural anthropologists often put people into the interaction of nature and cultural dimension. In this process, they always emphasis on the role of culture. By contemplating the American culture and personality, which is a prominent field in anthropology in the mid-twentieth century, this paper suggests pathways for the study of the youth in Vietnam. More specially, this paper confirms the significant role of the family and social socialization to individuals especially to adolescences who are experiencing an important phase in the process of personality formulation. On that basis, to utilize the potentials and capabilities of the youth, it is advised that we should change our big assumptions about them in term of their roles in the society and the way to educate them.

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Issue: Vol 1 No X3 (2017)
Page No.: 26-33
Published: Dec 31, 2017
Section: Research Article - Social Sciences

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Ngo, L. (2017). School of “Culture and Personality” – Some suggestions for the youth education in Vietnam. VNUHCM Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 1(X3), 26-33.

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