Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities 2020-04-05T16:14:15+00:00 Hoang Ngoc Minh Chau Open Journal Systems Teaching staff development by using competency-based human resource management approach: analyzing cases of Saigon University and University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City 2020-04-05T16:14:15+00:00 Tran Bao Ngoc Le Thi Thanh Thuy <p>The competency-based human resource management is a trend in the context of higher education reform in the 21<sup>st</sup> century. The quality of education is increasingly focused, and the improvement of the quality of educational managers and teaching staff becomes a goal in a university’s strategic plan. This leads to a necessary for universities to identify core competencies and build competency frameworks that are consistent with the institutions’ strategy to promote the implementation of innovation of all aspects of universities (Vakola, M., Soderquist, KE, Prastacos, GP, 2007). Depending on the socio-economic context and conditions of each institution, educational managers choose or combine paradigms of human resource management to enhance the efficiency in the development of quality of teaching staff, contributing to boosting universities’ capacity adapting for new requirements of education innovation. Based on the theory of human resource management, the paper analyzes the situation of human resource management, especially the development and training of teaching staff at two departments of 2 public universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Thereby, the paper proposes some suggestions for the implementation of human resource management based on competencies to improve the universities’&nbsp; teaching quality and meet the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive innovation in the field of Viet Nam education and training in the 21st century.</p> 2020-04-04T22:22:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Sea and the Kingfisher of Bui Ngoc Tan: on the perspective of sociocriticism 2020-04-05T16:14:13+00:00 Nguyen Thi Thao Ngan <p>“The Sea and the Kingfisher” (French: La Mer et le martin-pêcheur) is a special novel written by Bui Ngoc Tan. This work is not only the pride of contemporary Vietnamese literature in general and Hai Phong literature in particular when it won the Henri Queffenlec Award in France in 2012; but also the stamp of the author's journey "resurrection of the dead", after more than 5 years of imprisonment and 20 years of torture of reading and writing.</p> <p>Because of his special circumstances, social change is always reflected in Bui Ngoc Tan’s work. “The Sea and the Kingfisher” is the same as a little cosmos, a panoramic discourse reflecting all of the love and sorrow of a generation having to face so many incidents and ideological conflicts.</p> <p>Above all of the limited literature, “The Sea and the Kingfisher” is a worthy writing. This is seen as a realistic novel, straight and steady, which exposes a world that is still deep in darkness, beneath the golden and glamorous slogan. There are honest people buried deep in the bottom, crumpled and writhed, silently alive, and silently dead. "Belles-lettres" of Bui Ngoc Tan, is a chord of many "words" that were invoked from thousands and thousands of lives of anonymity in the same era. It is both pristine, bitter, and a sigh of pain, laden with deep thoughts. It's also the crystallization of the love of life and faith, thus the aspiration of social transformation.</p> <p>Using the sociocriticism, the writer focuses on researching the relationship between life and the working life of Bui Ngoc Tan through his works. And then, we will reach a deeper understanding of the value of Bui Ngoc Tan's literary heritage, the morality or the self-consciousness of the writer's social role, and the aspirations to improve society by literature that he cherished all life.</p> 2020-04-04T22:40:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Some recommendations for the enhancing of training quality through the link between universities and employers 2020-04-05T16:14:11+00:00 Nguyen Duy Mong Ha Bui Ngoc Quang <p>In assuring and enhancing the quality of Vietnamese higher education, especially the output and outcome quality to fulfill the needs and requirements of the labor market, the curricula and training, as well as research activities, have to be continuously improved in accordance with the fast and constant changes in the globalized era, and to lead the society in various training fields. In addition, due to the massification of higher education, quite a lot of graduates who do not work in the academic or research areas need to be well equipped with a variety of skills required by different careers and labor contexts which are not approached in the academic context during the training period, especially the practical skills and experience. The paper first (1) gives an overview of theoretical background on the link between the university and the industry/labor market as well as the principles of curriculum development, development of research projects and programs in compliance with the stakeholders’ requirements. Next, it aims to (2) present some common types and activities of connecting with various employers to enhance the quality of training for lecturers, managers, and students through some case studies of some typical educational programs assessed by AUN-QA among VNU-HCM. Finally, it (3) gives some recommendations for strengthening and developing stronger and more effective links with the employers to make full use of their contributions and enhance the quality of training, research in the Vietnamese higher education institutions in the integration era.</p> 2020-04-04T22:54:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Study about the Japanese family grave “ie haka” today - Through the research about Japanese family grave “ie haka” in big cities of Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) 2020-04-05T16:14:08+00:00 Nguyen Thi Hoai Chau <p>This paper studied the form of the family grave “ie haka” in Japan. Burying cremated ashes into family grave “ie haka” is the second stage of cremation, being practiced more than 90% in Japan. Through inheriting the result of precedence researches and material research, fieldwork of author, making clear the background, the characteristics, the present status, the trend in future, etc. of the family grave “ie haka” is the purpose of this paper. Among that, especially, emphasizing the “traditional characteristic”, which has been still the debate point among the researchers when studying about family grave “ie haka”. Through it, it is possible to understand the current burial method, as well as the religious consciousness, family… of Japan. And today, in Japan, in the background, many influencing factors such as family structure, religious beliefs concerning death, the afterlife, etc. has been changing outstandingly, the current status, change… of burial culture, including the family grave system “ie haka” has been the noticeable topic. This is also a significant keyword to understand Japanese society and culture. But in fact, it almost hasn’t been studied in Vietnam. With this research, I hope to contribute to the study of such related fields of Japan, as mentioned above. And relating with Vietnam, in the context of urbanization and industrialization, many problems of burial cemeteries has occurred, and instead of it, cremation has been received gradually. Based on that, the noticeable change, such as the process of changing from handling burial bodies to cremated ashes, increasing the outside service in ancestor worship practice, etc. has been brought. Like that, through the study about the case of Japan, the similarities, experiences, and application in solving related issues in Vietnam are hoped to be clarified.</p> 2020-04-05T00:06:43+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Current situation to developing the social work profession in hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City 2020-04-05T16:14:06+00:00 Nguyen Thi Thanh Tung <p>Social work in hospitals is an important field in social work. In Vietnam, social work in hospitals is new, and its development has been started after we had the project of the development of social work profession by the Ministry of Health in the period 2011 - 2020 and the 43/2015/TT-BYT circular about instructions on the organization and implementation of the social work in hospitals. Due to the beginning, the development of social work in the hospital in Viet Nam in general and Ho Chi Minh city, in particular, have many issues to discuss.</p> <p>Research about the current situation to developing social work profession in hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, we had using two main research methods: quantitative (total number of samples used is 120) and qualitative (total sample number is 15) in the social work team/room on 3 hospitals at district, city and central levels. The results of the study outlined an overview of the situation of implementation and effectiveness of social work activities in hospitals in Ho Chi Minh city: there are social workrooms/teams in all hospitals from the district to the city and central levels. Activities of social work in supporting patients and relatives of patients are diverse. Knowledge of the role of social work of the Management Board/Board of Directors, health workers, patients, and family members has been increased. However, there are still difficulties in organizing social work activities with the true of specialized and methods, there are also a less of social workers, social work services for health workers have hardly been implemented and performed… On that basis, we have also proposed solutions to promote the professionalization of social work in hospitals.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2020-04-05T01:56:21+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Europeanization process in Hanoi in the early 20th Century – Viewed from changing social position of women 2020-04-05T16:14:07+00:00 Nguyen Thi Thúy Vy <p>The late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a period that Western culture had a strong influence on East Asia countries. The need for finding new markets and expanding colonies of Western countries made most countries of East Asia were at risk of becoming Western colonies. This historical situation forced East Asia countries - whether they like it or not - to "Europeanize" and to absorb Western civilization achievements to survive. However, whether the impacts of Europeanization on values of culture were positive or negative, the Europeanization was strongly depended on the cultural characteristics and processes in each country. In the early twentieth century, under the impact of the process of Europeanization, large cities in Vietnam - especially Hanoi - greatly transformed the appearance and functions from medieval to early modern cities. Through research on the changing social position of Hanoi women in the process of Europeanization in the early 20<sup>th </sup>century on four dimensions: Time, space, human, and methods, the paper indicated the reasons, characteristics, rules, trends of the fluctuation of cultural values ​​in Hanoi in the early 20<sup>th</sup> century under the impact of the Europeanization process.</p> 2020-04-05T01:36:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The theory of communicative action of Jürgen Habermas with religious issues in the public sphere 2020-04-05T16:14:10+00:00 Tran Ky Dong <p>The article summarizes the main arguments in J. Habermas’ theory of communicative action, identifying three functions that communicative action can perform: to be used to convey information, to establish social relationships with others, and to express one’s opinions or feelings. By analyzing the category of “communicative rationality” with religious issues in the public sphere, in relation to language, discourse ethics, it is shown that the public sphere is the environment where dialogues in all areas take place to meet the needs of citizens. (According to Habermas, Kant was the first philosophy to give to public sphere “its completed theoretical structure” in a text of political philosophy, entitled “What is Enlightenment?”).</p> <p>Religions may not directly influence politics, but still, have the function of directing in society. J. Habermas determines that religion cannot be restricted to the private sphere, but must actively participate in the public sphere, where interactions and dialogues take place, as a catalyst for the process of solidarity to exist, to bring a new life force to the world. It is the place for members of society to have conversations and engage with each other.</p> <p>The theory of communication by J. Habermas is timely contemplation with a deeply humane spirit.</p> 2020-04-04T23:15:18+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The content values of Tuong art performance in the Southern area before 1945 2020-04-05T16:14:09+00:00 Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang <p>Has been existed for a long time in the Southern area of Vietnam, Tuong art performance became the only unique spiritual dish in many centuries and leaving dozens of scripts of literary value. However, Tuong art performance is gradually losing its position due to many objective and subjective reasons. By studying the content values of classical drama, we can feel the beauty of Tuong art performance and understand more about this type of art. The content values of Tuong art performance have been interested in many researchers; however, they only stopped at studying Vietnamese Tuong generally or specific in some works such as Kim Thach ky duyen, Son hau… The researchers haven’t been a focus on exploiting the issues of the content values of Tuong art performance in the Southern area in general. So in this article, we want to have a general view of the content values of Tuong art performance in this area. The content values of Tuong art performance in the Southern area before 1945 was divided into three following parts: Elevating the values of loyalty, filial piety, virtuous wife, benevolence and righteousness;&nbsp; Criticizing the moral degeneracy of people in the society; Prasing the loyal love in the troubled times. But, because of material limitations, we just studied the content of Tuong in general based on existing documents, this article can not avoid shortcomings and limitations.&nbsp;</p> 2020-04-04T23:35:03+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##