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Can Gio is the only coastal district in Ho Chi Minh City, where its natural conditions are favorable for fishing by a wide range of methods and gears. Therefore, from its ancient days, in addition to agricultural activities, fishing became a means of livelihood for many households in Can Gio. In this article, we have deployed the field research method to study common fishing gears frequently used by fishermen in Can Gio district in the past and present to catch fish in “shallow water and deep water”, specifically, stow nets, other typical nets, hooks and lines, types of rakes, etc. Some fishing gears are still used by Can Gio fishermen today, but have changed adapting to the current conditions, especially in terms of crafting materials as well as fishing areas. The research on the change in fishing gears in Can Gio not only focuses on how fish are caught but also reflects the local fishermen community’s flexible adaptation through their fishing over time. More importantly, this greatly contributes to maintaining and fostering the traditional value of fishing in Can Gio district not only at the present time but also in the future.

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Issue: Vol 2024 No Online First (2024): Online First
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Published: Mar 30, 2024
Section: Article - Arts & Humanities

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