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Teaching and learning online has long been a popular mode in the world. However, for foreign language teaching and learning, which requires a lot of practice, online teaching and learning is not the best option. In recent years, with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, online teaching and learning is no longer an optional mode but an obligatory one. This requires all educational policymakers and school administrators to apply appropriate methods of online assessments so that they can meet such requirements. This paper reports the results of a survey study of 94 English lecturers who experienced online assessment in universities in the South of Vietnam. Based on the analyses of the advantages and disadvantages of using online assessment, this paper suggests ways of selecting suitable methods and appropriate tools for online assessment. The research findings may contribute to the application of technology in language teaching and learning and suggest practical criteria for selecting appropriate assessment tools for online teaching and learning.

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Issue: Vol 6 No 3 (2022): Vol 6 (3): Under publishing
Page No.: In press
Published: Aug 30, 2022
Section: Research Article - Social Sciences

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Tran, P., & Pho, D. (2022). Online assessment in English language teaching in Vietnamese universities. VNUHCM Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 6(3), In press.

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