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From the viewpoint of anthropology, conducting surveys on ethnic consciousness is not only visually collecting and analyzing anthropological data, but also studying natural factors and history of the mode of production belonging to a particular form of human community, in which, people share the same history of territorial defense, beliefs, customs, a collective personality established and maintained consciously that formed the unique cultural nuances of each ethnic – especially ethnic minorities. The alienation (being alien to oneself) in the consciousness of ethnic minorities in Vietnam is taking place. Nature and spiritualites are transformed into an essence alien to man, into a means of sustaining one's individual existence. Cultural preservation must promote cultural development. However, the space of modern life has caused interruptions in the flow of the memory-history-nation heritage. There should be an alarm that the spiritual time and space of traditional rituals and legends – a unique feature of the connection between culture and the manifestations of ethnic consciousness – are faded away in Vietnam nowadays If we identify culture as spiritual endogenous elements, it will be neccesary to posit a theory shaping ethnic thinking into two paradigms - “preservation for autogenesis” and “accompanying for development” - in order to re-determine the cultural values of ethnic people that need to be preserved.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 4 (2021): Vol 5, Issue 4: Under publishing
Page No.: In press
Published: Nov 11, 2021
Section: Article - Arts & Humanities

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