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Indigenous knowledge is an extremely valuable asset in the process of adapting to nature in different areas. Vietnamese residents in the Mekong Delta during the development of cultivation activities have accumulated a lot of folk experiences, creating a large amount of indigenous knowledge in daily life and farming production. This knowledge has supported the Vietnamese people to adapt to exist for several hundred years. The Mekong Delta is a land affected by natural disasters and epidemics, showing that the need to learn about indigenous knowledge for livelihood adaptation overthere is very necessary. To understand the indigenous knowledge in Vietnamese animal husbandry in the Mekong Delta, the author mainly uses a participatory survey method with 10 indepth interviews related to current production models, seasonal calendar, production experience, etc. and to indigenous knowledge which has been and is being locally applied in the floodplain (An Giang), brackish and salty waters (Ben Tre). From the collected results, combined with the grounded theory from secondary data, the author does the synthesizing and analyzing to produce comments related to the result which is the indigenous knowledge of the Vietnamese in animal husbandry, cattle, poultry, and aquaculture.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 4 (2020): Vol 4, Issue 4 (2020): Under Publishing
Page No.: 802-813
Published: Jan 15, 2021
Section: Research Article - Social Sciences

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Thi Thu Trang, N. (2021). Indigenous knowledge in Vietnamese animal husbandry in the Mekong Delta. Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities, 4(4), 802-813.

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