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This article presents the results of the survey of synonymous in word-formation of compound nouns in the modern Russian language as a kind of formal-semantic relations between the components of compound nouns. Synonymous of Russian compound nouns can be found in subordinate components or in main components, or in both components of compound nouns. Synonymous of Russian compound nouns includes the following cases: synonymous of components in compound nouns and synonymous of compound nouns. In cases where compound nouns share the same main component and contain synonyms subordinate components, or which share the same subordinate component and contain synonymous main components, or contain both synonymous subordinate components and the synonymous main components, then the compound nouns themselves also become synonyms. Synonymous components have a distribution in the workplace of different meanings and productivity levels in the wordformation of compound nouns due to the influence of different factors such as semantics, style and morphology.

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Issue: Vol 2 No 4 (2018)
Page No.: 5-10
Published: Jul 2, 2019
Section: Research Article - Social Sciences

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Bui, H. (2019). Synonymous in word-formatting of compound nouns in the modern Russian language. VNUHCM Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2(4), 5-10.

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