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Literary Tourism (Literature Tourism / Literature Journey) concept is no stranger to travel organizations in the world. In Asia alone, forms of literary travel are often incorporated into tour programs such as visiting a writer’s homeland, visiting the place where the author was buried, visiting the places referred to in a work, dressing up as a character in a work, enjoying an extract from a work, shopping souvenirs related to a work, etc. In Asia, many countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, India, Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, etc all use cultural and literary strength to develop literary tourism. Learning from them, An Giang province can develop literary tourism according to such suggestions as guiding visitors to places related to literature (VinhTe canal, Ba Chua Xu temple, Tan Chau market, and so on), guiding visitors to do the shopping and to enjoy foods based on details in literary works, performing literary theatre, etc.

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Issue: Vol 1 No X3 (2017)
Page No.: 73-79
Published: Dec 27, 2018
Section: Research Article - Social Sciences

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Dao, T. (2018). Applying local literature and arts to An Giang tourism: The experiences from some of the Asian countries. Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities, 1(X3), 73-79.

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